SEOmator Review

Search engine optimization is not a one-time job and is impossible to do it on your own unless you have apt resources at your end.

Ranking on the first page of Google is no longer an easy task as it used to be a couple of years ago, especially, if your focus keywords are in very high competition. You also need to comply with updates of Google year after year to stay in the game.

Every company, business, or individual just wants to know how to rule the search engine. And nobody can blame them for chasing this goal single-mindedly. After all, ruling this aspect is sure to pave the way to instant success. The main drawback is that everybody is not aware of how to achieve this target without paying the highly-priced marketing executives.

Well, look no far! Because today we have an online SEO tool called “SEOmator” which can help you in completely auditing your website and provides you a step by step guide on how to fix all the SEO related issues on your website and optimizing it for search engines like Google.

What is the Purpose of SEOmator

SEOmator is a complete SEO audit tool which analyses your website and covers all the on-page and off-page SEO aspects. It offers incredible reports and analysis which will help you understand where & how you can improve your SEO efforts.

As the owner of a website, you might not be aware of all the backend issues that prevent your site from ranking better on the search engines. But an online tool that constantly monitors it to identify such concerns and provides solutions at the same time is a welcome change. This is exactly where and how SEOmator comes in to save the day.

Following are some of the key features that are available on the platform which helps in optimizing your website for search engines and help you grow your business organically.

Features of SEOmator

  • In-depth Audit – the auditor checks performed by SEOmator are thorough and exhaustive. It checks both the Domain Authority Metrics as well as the Page Indexation Metrics. As such it provides a more viable solution that checks the server and the page to prevent any adverse hits to your SEO standing.

It investigates the websites on various parameters which include SEO friendly tests, usability, crawling, web technologies, server response check, social media signals, and listings.

Action: The in-depth audits are really useful in identifying all big and small problem areas. It is most helpful in prioritizing what needs to be dealt with first as the audit results are marked with different priority levels like high, medium and low.

  • Immediate Solutions – Highlighting the problem areas is just half the battle. The other major issue is rectifying or modifying the problem areas to your benefit. SEOmator delivers outstandingly on this aspect. It provides solutions in the form of “How to fix” highlighted texts. Expanding on those will give you an insight into how to bring about the corrections.

Action: Since the hard work of continuously finding and highlighting changes is already being done by SEOmator, the least you can do is to fix the problems that are brought to notice, regularly. This will ensure a good SEO placing for your website.

  • Stunning and Modern SEO Audits – the various audit reports that cover an extensive list of On-page and off-page SEO aspects is not only cutting edge but also professional and eye-catching. The design team of SEOmator spent months to finalize the design of these reports. Today, you can easily use these reports to close any sales without spending hours over improving its look and making it feel professional.

  • Export Reports in CSV format – In addition to the standard data and analytics reports, SEOmator provides API and CSV export feature with every spreadsheet. This is just in case you wish to dig any deeper in respect to any specific area.

Action: when digging deeper be very specific, this way the audit report will also be extremely precise and bring out the area of focus more accurately. The advantage that you gain by conducting such audits is that you are better equipped to do root cause analysis of issues. This, in turn, will help you in preventing their occurrence altogether in future.

  • Customize Results – you can set up your own personal brand for white-label reports and get them delivered to your customers directly, in case if you’re an SEO agency. This customization will help you save hours of work.
  • Domain Comparison – If you want to compare two websites very quickly, you must try ‘Domain comparison’ tool in SEOmator. You just need to enter the website URLs which you want to compare and click ‘compare’

Once the comparison is completed, you will see the overview score of both the websites. Along with that you can compare metrics in every category and stage as you scroll down the page

Action: This feature is extremely helpful if you regularly do a comparison between your own website and that of competition. It will keep you on toes and strive for better performance. Hence, make it an ingrained habit to check your dashboard at regular frequencies. Best advice is to strike when the iron is still hot and you have the advantage.

  • Monitoring – As I already mentioned before, SEO is not a one-time job and virtually every entrepreneur knows it. As an SEO Specialist, you must continuously monitor your website performance on a regular basis

Monitoring tasks’ feature in SEOmator notifies you all on-page and server side which can affect and hurt your SEO.

The crawler will take 3-10 minutes based on the size of the website and provide you the score.

Action: Pay attention to whatever changes are highlighted and take remedial action. In the long run, even small and low priority aspects will have an impact on your SEO ranking.

  • Bulk Processing – If you’re working for an SEO agency, then you will love this feature. Bulk processing feature allows you to audit a massive number of websites in a single step.

You can manually enter the website URLs of your prospects and clients or you can upload an excel file with the list of websites you want to bulk process.

After submitting the list, it will automatically generate beautiful PDF reports which you can directly send to your prospects about the issues on their website and explain to them how you can fix. Your conversion rate can dramatically increase and saves a lot of your valuable time. 

  • Embedded SEO audit Widget

SEOmator provides SEO audit widget which you can put it on your own website. Again, this is an awesome feature for SEO agencies and freelancers. Prospects can audit their website for free using SEO widget on your website and immediately provide free white-labeled SEO reports with SEOmator’s awesome charts and conclusions.


  • Stunning PDF Reports – Creating beautiful SEO audit Report in a pdf format is a piece of cake with SEOmator. You can impress your clients and prospects with beautiful SEO audit report in a PDF format. If you are an SEO Agency or a freelancer who does SEO audit on a regular basis, then this is the tool for you.


Pricing of SEOmator

Pricing is a very important aspect that determines if the SEO audit tool is financially within reach of one and all or not. SEOmator passes with flying colors in this regard. Most importantly, two people might not have the need to use this tool to the same extent. As such, there are different plans to accommodate everybody’s need.

Depending on how frequently or how often and to what extent one feels the need to use SEOmator, one can decide on a plan that suits them the best. The pricing is competitive and leaves everyone satisfied. Compared to other SEO audit tools available online, SEOmator is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. Most of it is thanks to its convenient pricing.


SEOmator is an SEO audit tool that is useful for every SEO professional, entrepreneur, and agencies to monitor and audit their website on a regular basis.

It can be easily integrated with your WordPress, slack, and Google Analytics. It is designed to help beginners and professionals in improving their prospects by helping them to analyze their websites more systematically and logically.

Its audit reports are exhaustive and cover all aspects of a website this includes, the things that need to be modified on-page and the changes that need to be at the server end.

But, that is not all, it goes into details of the various parameters along which the website is audited and prioritizes the problem areas. In addition, it also makes it possible to compare different websites.

This works to your advantage as you will now have a better chance to increase your SEO ranking by comparing yourself with the competition and improving in those areas that matter. All in all, SEOmator is a big thing in a small and yet attractive package. Using it wisely will better your chances of improving the SEO ranking of your website.