Why are so important inbound marketing strategies for your business?

Consumer´s needs and behavior are always changing in many different ways because of the digital environment. The way we buy has drastically changed during this last decade as well as the way we live daily. This is the reason why every business in this world must change its way to communicate with people and its approach to persuade them to buy its products or services.

The rules of digital marketing are changing very fast, and one of the most effective ways to get leads is through inbound marketing strategies.

Many digital marketing experts from all over the world, like Neoattack, affirm that inbound marketing strategies are a large number of techniques to attract customers using the exciting and helpful content. Potential customers can find companies on the internet through different channels like how to guides, press releases, blogs and social media marketing.

Inbound marketing strategies have many benefits for business, and one of the most important is to increase sales. Let´s talk about why and how inbound marketing strategies can make you earn more money.

What is an inbound marketing strategy and what is not?

We can affirm that inbound marketing strategies are used for attracting users to our website in an entirely new way from traditional advertising methods, which are known as “outbound marketing.” Some examples of outbound marketing are direct mail, television, print advertising, radio or telemarketing.

However, the lines between inbound marketing and outbound marketing are frequently blurred, but it doesn´t mean that inbound marketing techniques and outbound marketing techniques or actions are the same.

Inbound marketing strategies can be used as the first step in any marketing campaign for every business because it helps to get lead data, while outbound marketing can be used to nature and educate those prospects ( leads) to make them buy our products/ services.

That´s the reason why both disciplines must be joined in any marketing plan. To create an effective inbound marketing strategy we must pay attention to develop the combination of four actions and steps:

  1. Attract strangers  
  2. Convert Visitors  
  3. Close Leads  
  4. Delight customers

All those efforts are significant if we want to increase sales in our business. Furthermore, we need to combine three elements to create the perfect inbound marketing campaign: website optimization, quality content and social media leverage.

Steps of successful inbound marketing strategies

There are four steps which are vital if we want to increase traffic to our website and increase our profits.

Attract potential customers

The first step is always turning prospects into lifetime customers. But before that, we need to attract potential customers to our website. How can I draw my target audience´s attention and interest to my business? There are many ways that we can use such as buyer personas, keyword research, blogging and social media.

Identify “buyer personas”: knowing exactly our ideal customer can help us to connect emotionally with potential customers. Our buyer personas are our target audience, so they will inform us about pain points, challenges, objections and demographic information that we must consider.

It´s crucial to take time to identify or create our buyer persona; conduct interviews with current clients and know what they love and what they hate.

Keyword research: this aspect is beneficial for inbound marketing strategies. Doing a proper keyword research will always help us to understand what our ideal customers are looking for on the internet, in other words, we will know their behavior on the internet.

Usually, keyword research is a tool for turning strangers into customers. When we know all those keywords, we can create a blog with posts related to our business. Furthermore, we can include in those posts the most relevant and well-performing keywords for our industry. This action is an essential part of what digital marketing experts name as SEO.

Create blogs to catch people attention: blogs are always the best way to attract visitors to our website, we just only need to publish educational and engaging content that can answer our visitors´ questions and needs. Our blog must serve and enrich instead of promoting products or services. It´s advisable to do guest blogging, which is to publish in other blogs similar to ours to get more presence on internet and a better reputation.

Use social media to connect and engage potential customers: sometimes we have a massive list of social media followers or subscribers to our newsletters that they don´t know the existence of our blog. Because of that, we have to repost on social media all our posts. We must remember that our content on social media (images, posts, etc) must always be charming, attractive and useful.

Convert visitors into leads

After we have attracted potential customers to our website, it´s time to turn them into leads and there is only one way to do it: get to know them better. We can collect our visitors’ contact information following these tips:

Create a lead magnet: this content gives us the opportunity for converting visitors into leads through an exchange of their contact information. Some examples of lead magnets are guides, assessments, white papers, eBooks or forms.

Use CTAs: calls to action are graphical pieces with links that push our visitors to take action on our website.

Landing pages: when visitors click a CTA they must be driven to a landing page where they must enter information about themselves.

Close Leads

After we have gotten our ideal customers and we converted them into leads, it´s high time for what is called “lead nurturing.” This action allows us to be a top-of-mind valuable website resource for our target audience and current customers.

When we create follow –up workflows we can provide our ideal customers equipped with the right information. We can do this using free unlimited email marketing platforms for mailing that we will help us turn prospects into customers

Delight customers

We need to keep our customers´ interest in our brand to make them loyal. Every single interaction that customers have with our brand feeds into their overall experience and impression of our company as a whole.

When customers are satisfied with our company, they are more likely to tell their relatives and friends how great it is. Our main goal, beyond sales, is convert our customers into brand ambassadors. Furthermore, when we provide positive interactions with our customers, we are standing out from our competitors.

How to increase profits through getting traffic with inbound marketing strategies

Getting traffic is a critical element if we want to grow our profits. Direct outreach and paid traffic with Adwords are the most effective ways to get traffic to our website at the beginning of inbound marketing strategies.

Emailing and Facebook messaging people that we know can be very useful because we can send them to our landing pages to subscribe to an email list or buy our products/services. Besides, if we spend money in Adwords, we can get traffic and a lot of data. When we have our new traffic through Adwords we can do few things:

  • Look at what landing pages are driving sales. We must try to optimize our landing pages that are not driving sales.
  • Identify what keywords are driving sales (using Adwords) to find the right messaging.
  • Test actions like free shipping and other choices.

To summarize, inbound marketing strategies are very complicated, and they are based on many different elements that we must pay attention. We hope you´ve enjoyed this article about inbound marketing strategies and you´ve found it useful to increase sales in your business.