Keyword Tools

This curated list includes freelancer’s and agency’s favorite Best SEO And PPC Keyword Research Tools.

By now you should have realized the importance of keywords in optimizing your online business or web page and ranking high in search engine machines, thus getting increasingly more exposure, conversion rates and, naturally, a fatter wallet.

This is why investing in SEO Keyword Research Tools is a great investment for you – probably one of the greatest you could ever make, in fact. By taking advantage of sophisticated algorithms, you will never, ever again miss valuable terms and keywords. Get ready to search, sort and filter your results with a myriad of criteria – keywords, topics, the location being chief amongst them – to gain valuable data wherever you are, whenever you want. You will know exactly what to expect from a given keyword if it is profitable and worthy of your attention or not.

Our list is a compilation of the top-rated tools on the market. Each has its pros and cons with none being strictly better than the rest in all categories – but ALL, I repeat, ALL of them will give you a considerable edge against your competition that goes by traditional, dated keyword research methods.


K-meta is a tool for in-depth analysis of organic and paid marketing strategies of your competitors. It allows you to use keywords data from 27 countries with all crucial metrics: Cost per click, Search volume, Competition.


Provide a keyword database using Google Trends to predict short-term and long-term popularity.

Use Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step system to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche.

Research keywords, track rankings, crawl and analyze your websites

Online keyword research tool that lets you choose your own metrics to determine keyword difficulty.

Automatically identifies keyword opportunities based on a proven set of ranking heuristics.

Rank Tracking & Keyword Research Database

Wordstream Keyword Tools

WordStream’s free keyword tools are an integrated, actionable suite designed to help search marketers with keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, keyword analysis, long-tail keyword research and negative keyword discovery.


TermExplorer delivers the highest volume of relevant keywords & most actionable competitive data available.


Quickly find new keywords not available in the Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Tool Helps You Find The Keywords That People Are Typing Into Google Search Box

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer 2.0

Get thousands of relevant keyword ideas with accurate search volume, keyword difficulty score and advanced metrics like Clicks, Return rate and Parent topic.


Find long tail keywords with low SEO competition