PBN Domains & Tools

PBN(Private Blog Networks), are a key component in any search engine optimization campaign but they can only work – and they work damn well, when they do – under one condition: You have to build your PBN the right way. Failing to do so can get you penalized by Google and set you way back. And we do not want that, do we?

In most cases, a PBN is made up from expired domains – domains that were owned and had content in the past but for whatever reason have been left to expire. Their domains are no longer registered and can be bought by anyone. They are powerful because if you gain control of them you control both the content and the links within the domain – allowing you to alter it so that it relates specifically to your own niche.

They pack a punch WAY stronger than normal for two reasons: Google places value on the age of a domain and due to their backlink profiles. If all this has piqued your interest, you can learn more by going through our curated list of PBN domains. There are guides, analysis tools, relevant apps and even an expired domain marketplace for you to explore inside. What are you waiting for?


Building web scraper or doing marketing research you face a problem of obtaining domain lists for crawling. We collected and update them regularly for one of our projects and are happy to share. gTLD, ccTLD, and newgTLDs, everything in one place.


Analyze millions of active, auction, pre-release, expiring and expired domain names every day and make available domain information that helps find domains worth acquiring.


Buy Expired Domains With Great Metrics


Deleted Domains or Dropped Domains are available for registration and can be picked up.