The 10 Best Popup Builders That Will Shape Marketing in 2023

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If you are interested in collecting more leads, increasing conversion, and boosting your sales, popup builders can be your answer.

Since they can shape your business's marketing strategies, you need to make a detailed popup builder comparison and see which is the most suitable one for you.

If you want to have a chance to attract your customers with different marketing techniques, such as popups, keep checking these best popup builders that will boost your marketing strategy in 2023.

To provide the knowledge of how they are known, we have prepared a guide to help you find your best popup builder.

  • Popupsmart is the best price/performance popup builder.
  • Sleeknote is the best enterprise-level popup builder.
  • Optimonk is the most categorically-organized popup builder.
  • Popupsmart is the most helpful popup builder teaching its customers.
  • Popupsmart is the best popup builder focusing on lead capture in general.
  • Wisepops is the best popup builder with various integrations. Privy is the best popup builder with additional focus.

What to Pay Attention to While Choosing a Popup Builder?

There are some significant points that you need to take into consideration when you choose a popup builder that fits your expectations:

* A popup builder needs to be a no-code tool. People need help dealing with codes and all the development work, so choosing a no-code popup builder can be helpful to save time.

* A popup builder needs to be easy to use. Since time is everything in marketing, popup builders should not be time-consuming. Practicality is the best.

* A popup builder needs to be customizable. If you have more chances to edit, adding or omitting the elements in the popup would be better.

* A popup builder needs to have various templates. This is because popups can be your secret weapon to elevate your website and collect leads. Therefore, if your popup builders have more templates than the others, you can choose and customize them.

* A popup builder needs to have advanced targeting options. Targeting is the key in popups when determining the target audience and their behaviors. Hence, the more targeting options, the better.

* A popup builder needs to have flexible integration possibilities. Based on your CMS and the CRM that you use, your popup builder needs to have a chance to integrate with it. If the popup builder has an integration possibility by default, you spend less time dealing with it.

* A popup builder needs to have comprehensive analytics. It is a fact that people spend their time seeing the results and the analytics that they could get from their efforts. As a result, if the popup builder displays the analytics and you can reach them easily, you may think it's the right one.

The Best Popup Builders in 2023

The best popup builders in 2023 can help you organize your marketing calendar and seasonal campaigns.

best popup builders list and their best features

1. Popupsmart

The homepage of Popupsmart, one of the best popup builders

Popupsmart is a no-code popup builder that helps you build email lists, increase user engagement and boost sales.

Considering the website of Popupsmart, there are helpful buttons to direct and find answers to your questions.

Popupsmart shares diverse solutions under the main titles of

  • Increase Sales
  • Collect Leads
  • Connect with Visitors

Moreover, the animated vision of how Popupsmart is used can be a brilliant way of displaying the process on the popup builder itself and how you can get the most out of it.

Top Features:

- Popupsmart cares about the user-oriented experience, so it has a simpler and more robust UI.

- It has customizable templates and adjustable elements on desktop and mobile.

- Creating multi-step popup campaigns option is available.

- You can add team members to your campaigns with advanced authorization.

- You can segment your audience based on their devices, operating systems, and visiting style.

- There are Leads and Analytics pages with web analytics tools to follow the conversion rate.

- You can use the drag-and-drop builder to feel flexible and organized.

- Popupsmart has enhanced integrations with a single Popupsmart JS API and Make.

- Advanced targeting options are available.

  • Smart Targeting mode provides results from particular AI technology.
  • It has a geo-location targeting compatible with ISO-3166-2 standard.
  • Site Data targeting helps you target a specific audience with specific popups.

- You can find multiple showcases where you can get help and use it.

- It has prompt customer support to consult and interview one-to-one.


There is a free plan that you can use for 5.000 page views with a campaign and a website domain without the need for a credit card.

The pricing plans are the Basic plan, the most popular one, which costs $24 with the offer of 100.000 page views per month.

Another plan is the Pro plan, the best solution for professionals costing $66 in return for 500.000 page views.

The third plan is the Expert, which costs $108 per month and is best for pros. In the annual pricing of all plans, you can save up to 2 months free.

You can freely schedule a meeting if you aim for 1.000.000 page views and get further information.

Who Should Use Popupsmart?

Popupsmart offers different plans for different users, so we can say it is affordable. From small businesses to large businesses with high expectations, including non-profits and e-commerce businesses, they can use Popupsmart.

It can be a pleasant step if you want to start with a straightforward and customizable popup builder to convert more leads and increase your business sales.

2. Sleeknote

The homepage of Sleeknote, one of the best popup software

Sleeknote is a popup builder powered by Drip since the beginning of 2022.

It offers products and services that can be categorized as

  • Collect Email Addresses
  • Increase Product Sales
  • Guide Your Visitors
  • Connect with Visitors

These effective goals are highly guiding, and the website of Sleeknote has a user-friendly interface.

If you wonder more about Sleeknote, the team, and the customers' stories, the company shares them with the visitors.

Top Features:

- It has a chatbot on its website and offers a calling option.

- It has a blog on Drip's website.

- Sleeknote's dashboard guides you through the steps and allows you to continue after you complete them.

- The dashboard categorizes based on template filters, including the position of the popup, optimization, use cases, and the season.

- There are different trigger options you can choose or let the algorithm find.

- Integration options are more specific, unlike other popup builders.

- Multi-step popup options are available.

- Mobile adaptation is also possible.

- It has a rich library of templates.


You can try Sleeknote for seven days with no credit card required.

Also, there are various pricing plans in Sleeknote. In monthly billing, the first plan is Lite costing €62 for 25.000 visitors and unlimited campaign options.

Another plan is Basic, which costs €74 per month for 50.000 visitors and advanced goal tracking.

The third plan is Plus for €143 for 125.000 visitors monthly. If you want more visitors, it will cost €282 per month. The last plan, Premium, costs €462 for three custom-made campaigns.

Who Should Use Sleeknote?

Sleeknote appeals more to many users with its easy and advanced features. However, considering its price and the facilities, middle-sized and large-sized businesses can afford the prices more efficiently than startups or small businesses.

3. Optimonk

The homepage of Optimonk, one of the best popup builder

Optimonk is a platform that offers website personalization possibilities to users.

When examined in detail, Optimonk has goals:

  • Build your email list
  • Stop cart abandonment
  • Guide your visitors
  • Collect feedback
  • Promote special offers
  • Recommend products

These goals are determined to give an idea to the ones who want a popup builder with specific expectations.

Optimonk acts as a guide to its visitors compared to other popup builders.

Top Features:

- It has a very informative Learn page that includes a blog, webinars, guides, and such.

- It has average support with a live chat and chatbot.

- Optimonk has a template library and use cases page that helps to build your campaigns.

- By type, by the goal, and by business profile are the top titles of Optimonk.

- Optimonk asks questions about your intention and draws the lines for you while creating an account.

- The dashboard is separated into two the designer and the rest.

- Optimonk has more direct integration options than the other popup builders.

- You need to copy the code after you complete the campaign.


There is a free plan with one domain and 15.000 page views.

The first plan is Essential, costing $39 per month with two months free with annual and two domains at maximum and in an unbranded style.

The Growth plan is $99 per month for 100.000 page views and four domains at maximum with a custom variable.

The third plan is Premium costing $249 per month for 500.000 page views and priority support.

The Master plan combines all features; you need to contact the Optimonk team for your expectations.

Who Should Use Optimonk?

What Optimonk offers in the free plan and the pricing plans are not balanced. However, since Optimonk is more than a popup builder, it provides a lot, so the price changes accordingly.

Therefore, middle-sized and large businesses can prefer Optimonk instead of freelancers and startups.

4. OptinMonster

The homepage of OptinMonster, one of the best popup software

OptinMonster is a popup builder that works with famous brands and serves options for maximizing conversions.

It gathers its solution under three main goals:

  • Grow Your Email List
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Increase Sales Conversion

Moreover, the industries of OptinMonster works with are e-commerce, publishers, and agencies.

Top Features:

- OptinMonster has a university that collects marketers for success aims.

- You can see their support on all their pages with alert notifications.

- OptinMonster has a blog on marketing and popup ideas.

- A/B testing is available.

- Basic features of the Basic plan are simple targeting rules and a website to work.

- The integration options change based on the plan you use.

- Campaign management is available on the Pro plan.

- Account management is available on the Growth plan.

- Some crucial highlights are gamified wheels, page-level targeting, and geo-location targeting.

- There is campaign-specific analytics.


There is no free trial or plan in OptinMonster.

The various pricing plans of OptinMonster are Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee for 14 days.

The first plan, Basic, is $16 per month for 2.500 page views, basic integrations, and primary features.

The second plan is Plus for $32 per month for two sites in usage, 10.000 page views, and advanced targeting rules.

The most popular plan of OptinMonster is Pro costing $49 monthly, and you can use three sites, pro features, and optional add-ons.

The last plan is Growth, $82 monthly for growth targeting rules and features.

Who Should Use OptinMonster?

Since OptinMonster does not have any free trial or plan, the ones who want to try it should spend money. Then, if they don't like it, they can get their money back within 14 days.

If a business wants to use OptinMonster with all its advanced features properly, it should prefer Pro and Growth plans. However, because it can be unaffordable in the distant future, large businesses should use OptinMonster.

5. Poptin

The homepage of Poptin, one of the best popup builder

Poptin is a lead capture platform that offers forms, autoresponders, and popups in its advanced plans.

The main goals of Poptin are:

  • Increase visitors' engagement
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Capture more leads and sales
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Poptin has a simple and functional dashboard that you can work with.

Top Features:

- Poptin also has a blog focusing on popups and leads.

- It has a drag-and-drop editor.

- Poptin has A/B testing.

- Exit intent and other triggers are features of Poptin.

- You can view statistics on the overview and leads page.

- There is a possibility to integrate directly with Zapier and Integromat.

- Different types of popups, like slide-in, social widgets, and big sidebar, are available, which you can find in its library.

- Various language options are possible to choose from on the homepage.


The free plan of Poptin offers 1.000 visitors per month and one domain with chat and email support.

The first plan of the price plans Basic costs $25 for an unbranded style and 1.000 autoresponders.

The second plan is Pro for $59 per month and four domains with 50.000 visitors.

The Agency is another plan to get 150.000 visitors, managing accounts and users in return for $119.

Who Should Use Poptin?

If you don't know anything about popup builders, Poptin may seem highly easy for you.

Also, freelancers, startups, and small businesses can use it for a limited time with an average price for average expectations.

6. Wisepops

The homepage of Wisepops, one of the best popup builders

With various integration, targeting, and audience options, Wisepops is highly open to optimization as a lead marketing platform.

Wisepops shares its goals in order:

  • Grow Your Audience
  • Drive Sales
  • Collect Feedback

Unlike other tools, Wisepops produces both popups and notifications at the same time. By concentrating on the popups section, there are some top features to look at.

Top Features:

- There is an A/B test opportunity.

- There is a one-click Shopify integration.

- Various CMS to connect Wisepops are possible.

- You can connect Wisepops with Zapier and other famous tools to work with.

- Wisepops also has a blog to guide, a community to share, and a help center to get help about the builder.

- The analytics page is the page where you can track your campaign.

- You can schedule your popup, deciding when to display it.

- It has a detailed targeting page with sections.

- You have a chance to add a JS callback.


Wisepops offers pricing plans both for the popups and notifications. To consider the pricing plans of Wisepops, you need to arrange the page views you aim for.

There are default features, like unlimited campaigns, A/B testing, Shopify integration, and personalization; the page views matter here.

For 100.000 page views, you need to pay $49 per month.

For 250.000 page views, you need to pay $99 per month.

For 500.000 page views, you need to pay $149 per month.

For 1M page views, you need to pay $249 per month.

If you want more than 1M page views, then you need to contact sales to have an offer.

Who Should Use Wisepops?

Wisepops has a detailed popup builder to handle. Though the going process is easy and guiding, there might be a need to guide before starting the trainees.

Considering its high prices, Wisepops is not so suitable for small businesses or communities; if you have mid-sized or large businesses with a proper amount currently, you can choose Wisepops.

7. Privy

The homepage of Privy, one of the best popup builder

Top Features:

- It has a blog focusing on email marketing and e-commerce.

- You can create separate coupon codes and sync them with your store.

- You can A/B test your campaigns to measure.

- Since Privy also serves for email, you can automate your emails.

- It presents support options: live chat, free onboarding, and one-to-one e-commerce.

- There are campaigns to choose from and customize your goals on your website.

- The dashboard enables you to create an email campaign straightforwardly.


There are various plans for the different types of service, but the pricing plans are combined with email and popup options.

The first plan is free up to 100 mailable contacts, unlimited popups, and advanced targeting.

The Starter is for $15 per month for up to 250 mailable contacts, unlimited popups, and sending newsletters.

The Growth plan costs $45 up to 3.000 email contacts, 500 textable contacts, and sending broadcast text messages.

*You need to keep track of your pricing since the system automatically carries you to the next tier if you hit the limit of your current plan.

Who Should Use Privy?

Privy's email service is more dominant than its popup service. Thus, if you think mostly about email marketing, Privy can be appropriate.

Other than that, the prices may seem fair for what is offered in return. However, don't forget that the cost will be calculated according to the number of emails you send.

8. Qualzz

The homepage of Qualzz, one of the best popup builder

Qualzz is a tool to increase online revenue by allowing different types of popup designs.

What Qualzz can do for you are:

  • Increase Website Sales & Conversions
  • Grow Your Email List & Collect Leads
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Increase Page Views
  • Create More Value From Web Traffic
  • Cookie Tracking

Notifications and popups are a common part of Qualzz. Therefore, the ones who want to experience both popups and the notification feature simultaneously can prefer.

Top Features:

- Qualzz has a blog focusing on CRO and popups specifically.

- Its visitor segmentation is highlighted among customers.

- It has a drag-and-drop editor.

- Campaigns are formed based on the device and the format at the beginning.

- It has an A/B testing mode.

- Statistics can be followed on the Statistics page.

- Campaign scheduling and keeping track of weekdays are possible.

- Geo-location targeting option is available.


There is a free trial for 14 days with no credit card required.

The pricing plans are as below:

The Basic plan is $10 per month with unlimited campaigns, 10.000 page views, and branding.

The Startup plan is $24 per month with two sites, 50.000 page views, and no branding.

The Growth plan is $59 per month with three sites, 150.000 page views, and no branding.

Finally, the Premium plan is $99 with five sites, 300.000 page views, and no branding.

Who Should Use Qualzz?

Qualzz is a basic-level popup builder, yet since it focuses on the notification part, we can say it is useful for those who want to create campaigns to increase user engagement on the website.

Startups and freelancers may want to use Qualzz, considering the simplicity of the popup builder. However, it may not be enough for the enterprises categorically since it will not meet expectations.

9. Adoric

The homepage of Adoric, one of the best popup builders

Adoric claims to be a business solution to help convert visitors, grow email lists, and optimize.

The main goals highlighted by Adoric are:

  • Falling gift games
  • Recommend products
  • Grow your email list
  • Gamify your user's experience
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase sales conversion

Also, the industries they appeal to are determined by them to the visitors ranging from e-commerce to agencies.

Top Features:

- Adoric has a template page to display all kinds of popups.

- It has useful help pages to direct if someone does not know about the product.

- Giphy library, design opportunities, and SVG support are attractive features of Adoric.

- It has a drag-and-drop editor and A/B testing to manage.

- Though the customization is not much supported in the dashboard, Adoric lets you publish your campaign very fast.

- Integration and targeting options can be multiplied to improve the user experience.

- Adoric is on Shopify App Store as well.


Adoric has a free forever plan with a domain and 1.000 page views.

The first pricing plan is Basic for $9 per month, and it offers one domain and 7.000 page views.

The Essentials plan costs $29 monthly for one domain and 25.000 page views.

The Standard plan costs $79 per month for two domains and 100.000 page views.

Who Should Use?

Adoric can be used by freelancers, startups, and small businesses since the price is highly fair for them. However, mid-sized and large companies can have more needs and wishes from Adoric.

It is better to choose more advanced plans when working with Adoric.

10. Hello Bar

The homepage of Hello Bar, one of the best popup software

Hello Bar is a tool to convert visitors into customers and reach impact with advanced features.

Rather than deciding on some goals, Hello Bar emphasizes the features on its websites and focuses on what the builder can provide to the people.

It helps customers win more sales, more emails, and less cart abandonment rates.

Top Features:

- It has a live chat box, a support documentation page, and a ticket option.

- It shares marketing tips and ideas on its blog page.

- The integration options of Hello Bar seem to the point with its CRMs and CMSs.

- There is a limited targeting option.

- Customization is barely enough compared to other builders.

- It has an A/B test option.

- Hello Bar's styling has average possibilities.


The Starter plan of Hello Bar is a free forever plan with up to 5.000 page views, a limit of 10 popups, and one live test.

The second plan is the Growth plan costing $29 for up to 50.000 page views per month with A/B tests.

The most popular plan is Premium for $49 for up to 150.000 page views and premium-level support.

The Elite plan is the last plan of Hello Bar, and it is $99 for up to 500.000 page views, an unlimited number of popups, subscribers, and A/B tests.

Who Should Use Hello Bar?

Unlike other popup builders, Hello Bar is at its basic level regarding the free trial. Because most large businesses want more efficiency from their popup builder, Hello Bar can be insufficient.

However, if you are one of the new bloomers of the business world, you can give a chance at Hello Bar and take a new step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Popups Can I Use for My Campaigns?

There are distinct popups that can give a boost to your campaigns. To exemplify:

- Lightbox popups

- Floating bar popups

- Sidebar popups

- Fullscreen popups

- Exit-intent popups

- Gamification popups

- Inline popups

- Feedback survey popups

- Countdown timer popups

- Social proof popups

- Cookie consent popups

Does Integration Matter with Popup Builders?

Yes, it matters a lot. If a popup builder can easily integrate with certain CRMs and CMSs, this can make things easier and more flexible to deal with for the marketing of your business.

Though direct integrations are more helpful, you can also take advantage of the other integrations done with one-line codes.

Therefore, it will be better to take care of the integration options you will have when choosing your popup builder, the conversion tool.

To Sum Up

The best popup builders we have covered are the most common ones used by famous brands and their business marketing.

Trying and guiding your business in light of these interactive areas can simultaneously make your customers pleased and appreciated.

Starting to use popups can be valuable for you to increase your familiarity with your competitors and grow your business.

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