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best content marketing tool directory

This curated list of the best content marketing tools you need to help you get started building exceptional campaigns.

There is only ONE thing that is more important in turning random followers and viewers into customers than high-quality content delivery. Good, strategic content marketing. You might have the best content in the world, but if it is not marketed correctly it will get no exposure. And without exposure, you will get no customers, nor make any profit.

Our content marketing curated list has all the tools you need to get started on building exceptional content marketing campaigns. You NEED this to be extremely successful.

Without sound planning, without a solid strategy, you will only be raining drops into the ocean. You do not need to have the perfect product or service in order to start making huge profits. What you need is to market it correctly.

You can use these tools to plan, hire, manage and distribute your content. You can use them to drive organic traffic to your pages. You can use it to create memorable headlines packing a Tysonesque level of punch.

In our list, you can even find agencies that can get you skilled and influential specialists – writers, designers, videographers – to help you supercharge your content and make it totally outstanding.



A keyword research tool that forecasts ROI & automates your content strategy



Plan, hire, manage and-distribute content all from one place.



Drive highly qualified organic traffic to your content

A/B Testing Platform for SEO

Guide: How to Create a Content Strategy

Guide: How to Create a Content Strategy

Kicking off any content marketing process starts with the strategy, then moves into some basic process planning

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Create your own fantastic and grammatically correct headline.

Simple, actionable analytics for content marketers & bloggers

Organize your entire content marketing strategy in one place.

Guide: 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

Guide: 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

An often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion.

An API for the English language.


Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing Platform



Real-time SEO Auditing & Content Tracking


Word count and a character count tool.


Thousands of skilled and influential writers, designers, and videographers to help you tell your story.

Create stunning infographics and data visualizations



Percolate powers successful multi-channel marketing. From simplifying content creation to measuring campaign impact, Percolate helps you work smarter and faster at every step of your marketing.



Scripted has thousands of expert writers ready to supercharge your inbound traffic with outstanding blogs, stellar white papers, and more.



B2B Content Marketing Platform


Easily manage content creation, distribution, and measurement – across channels, teams, and global markets – all on a single platform.


Content marketing platform


Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor

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