Deepcrawl Honest Reviews Curated 2023

"Smart and Always Evolving Tools to Monitor SEO Performance"

Lumar to be an incredibly helpful tool in monitoring projects simultaneously. It offers simple-to-read dashboards for all types of users and provides relevant data to use in custom dashboards.

Lumar allows them to provide relevant feedback to customers regarding their site's overall SEO technical quality.

By combining Analyze crawl data with Monitor reporting capabilities, they can focus on what will make a big difference and step by step, improve the global SEO performance of the customer's site.

"A Great Tool and a Better Partner"

The crawl assessments by the Lumar team gives real context to the findings from the tool. We work together to make actionable User Stories for our dev team that lead to measurable impact on the site.

We use a lot of tools that identify issues and insights, but Deepcrawl one of the elite few that leads to huge results! Whenever we have a minor issue with the account or tool, Lumar is quick to work with us and fix the issue.

The platform is constantly evolving and getting better. We use Lumar to help troubleshoot our technical concerns, which is a big deal for sites as large as ours.

The crawls help us understand how Google understands our sites. We have a ton of site sections and limited bandwidth to cover them all. Lumar is our shortcut to making that possible. A great tool and a better partner.

"DeepCrawl: An In-Depth Review of Its Features and Limitations"

Despite its impressive features, DeepCrawl does lack insight into commercial KPIs and which optimisations can lead to additional conversations or revenue for businesses.

Additionally, it is difficult to understand the connection between its different products, what they do, and which are included in your package.

"Lumar Professional Services Team"

Lumar has a knowledgeable professional services team that are strong technical SEOs and can identify and prioritize your biggest improvement opportunities.

"Deepcrawl: The Premier Crawl Tool for SEOs"

The tool's possibilities are endless, and the professional services team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of the tool. I've been impressed with how they've drilled down our team's business goals and applied Lumar's insights to those goals.

Additionally, the insights from the professional services team are so helpful in bringing site opportunities to light, especially big-picture problems that may not be problems at the moment but will be in the future. High-level insights from an amazing professional services team, detailed reports in tool.

"Lumar is an Exceptionally Powerful Crawler"

Lumar is a chefs knife compared to Screaming Frog's paring knife - both are critical, but Lumar simply scales far better than the Frog.

It can take a bit to get used to the tool's interface and complexity, but it's worth taking the time as it is an exceptionally powerful crawler.Lumar is critical for any large scale site.
It can take a bit to get used to the tool's interface and complexity. It's worth taking the time, though, as it is an exceptionally powerful crawler.

"Drawbacks of DeepCrawl Lumar"

Though DeepCrawl Lumar does offer great features, there are some drawbacks. It may be difficult to use for websites with large amounts of user-generated content.

The tool is also geared more towards technical SEO, so users without a strong technical background may find it difficult to navigate.

"DeepCrawl is the Premier Crawl Tool for SEOs"

Lee M. praises DeepCrawl's ability to quickly identify technical SEO opportunities and the proactive support based on a full-featured platform. Savvas X. likes the great support and the ability to share insights with clients.

Becky W. appreciates the customer support and tech SEO knowledge. Jeff G. believes DeepCrawl is instrumental in identifying numerous kinds of SEO issues and Josh S. believes it is the best, most technical crawler there is.
Josh S. admits DeepCrawl may not always be the easiest tool to navigate for the average SEO user, and it doesn't always have the content scoring or content optimization suggestions content teams might need.

"DeepCrawl is the Premier Crawl Tool for SEOs"

DeepCrawl as the premier crawl tool, without a doubt. It's easy to use and gather insights, making it simple to share the findings with clients and dev teams who have to apply fixes.

The support team at DeepCrawl was instrumental in helping SavvaSSynthesis with a difficult project, working with them for three days to get the job done. There are no downsides to using DeepCrawl.

The tool and team provide great support and are always ready to assist on more difficult projects. DeepCrawl is critical for SavvaSSynthesis to gather insights into website performance and share them with clients and their dev teams to take action.

"A Comprehensive and Sophisticated Enterprise-Level Technical SEO Application"

DeepCrawl is an excellent and modern crawling tool that provides invaluable and under-prioritized technical-SEO services.

It is the perfect tool for larger websites at the enterprise level, as it is able to identify numerous kinds of SEO issues and can assess a site's Core Web Vitals, crawl budget, XML Sitemap composition, and canonicalization. The customer support and tech SEO knowledge also help in-house SEO or marketing teams get the results they need.

Additionally, the team behind DeepCrawl is helpful and thoughtful in their approach to extra large enterprise UGC, and never pushes products that won't work with millions of pages.

Having help and support from DeepCrawl is incredibly helpful, especially for small SEO teams, and allows them to share knowledge and strategy with a group of expert SEO folks.
Although DeepCrawl is a comprehensive and sophisticated enterprise-level technical SEO application, it may not be the best option for every situation. It may be difficult to navigate for reading average SEO users due to the tool's depth of sophistication, as certain reports can sometimes contradict each other.

Additionally, it may not have all the content scoring or optimization suggestions that an in-house technical SEO needs to collaborate with their content teams.

"Not the Easiest Crawler to Navigate for the Average SEO User"

Although Deepcrawl is the only enterprise technical crawler that does what I need, it isn't always the most easy to navigate for the average SEO user.

"Deepcrawl is the Best Enterprise Technical Crawler"

Josh S. is an experienced SEO who vouchs for the superiority of Deepcrawl in the enterprise technical crawler market. He explains that the other crawlers are increasingly focusing on rank tracking and keyword targeting, while Deepcrawl has the deepest breadth of reporting across all areas that a true technical SEO needs.

This includes diagnosing any crawling, rendering, and indexing issues, at scale, and is the best Josh has seen at actually discovering all of the pages discoverable on a site.

Furthermore, Deepcrawl has sophisticated reports on a site's true technical health, as well as lab data for Core Web Vitals that Josh finds reliable. The extensibility of the crawler, which can be used to inject custom JS and even connect to an accessibility API for WCAG reporting. In conclusion, Deepcrawl is the best, most technical crawler.

"Comprehensive Overview of Website From Multiple Perspectives"

DeepCrawl is an incredibly comprehensive tool that allows users to crawl a website from multiple perspectives and compare results.

For example, DeepCrawl can add sitemaps, GSC, GA, backlinks, log files, and list files to look for potential issues and source gaps. List crawls are especially useful for site migrations, as they can help identify β€œorphan” pages from GA/GSC or backlinks.

The interface of DeepCrawl is also very intuitive, with like things grouped in a filtered dashboard that makes it easy to filter any report in a myriad of different ways, such as url contains or status code equal to or greater than.

"Speed, Customer Support, and Strategic Planning with Deepcrawl"

Deepcrawl is a powerful web crawler that makes it easy to identify technical SEO issues on enterprise sites. It runs in the web app and doesn't take up local memory, and I can set up multiple projects and different sections of the site that can run while I'm off doing other work.

The team at Deepcrawl partners with SEOs to come up with a crawling strategy to garner insights to improve the site performance.
However, one of the drawbacks of Deepcrawl is that it can be difficult to create custom dashboards based on crawling metrics that the organization has identified rather than working with the default template.

"Working Together to Improve Our Website"

Our team has been able to use DeepCrawl to our advantage, collaborating closely to make sure our website is running as smoothly as possible. More than just a website analysis, DeepCrawl has become an ally in our efforts to create a better website experience for our users.

"Site Audit Tool: Identifying and Prioritizing Problem Areas for Website Success"

Our site audit tool helps us to identify potential problem areas that can impede our website’s success. With clear and easy-to-use dashboards, we can monitor the areas of concern and see how changes made to our site affect the results.

Our audit tool also gives us insight into how to prioritize our efforts, allowing us to focus on the most pressing issues first. Clickable links provide us the ability to quickly verify and validate the problem areas.
Google indexing is in its early days, and it's hard to quantify the impact of any changes at this stage. To get the most out of the tool, it would be useful to have more metrics to help measure the effect of changes.

Their audits point to the site's problem areas while giving context on what to focus on next. The dashboards allow us to monitor these problem areas with clickable links to our site for verification.

However, it could do more to help quantify the impact of making changes. Quantifying the effect would help business cases to schedule in the development work and to quantify the value of the tool.

"Beware of the Cost Associated With Deep Crawl"

Deep Crawl can be an expensive investment for any company. Although the app and services offer some of the most comprehensive reports, the cost of success can be too much for some.

Moreover, there are some features missing from Deep Crawl that are offered by similar apps in the market. Companies should be aware of the cost associated with using Deep Crawl and make sure they have the resources to make the most out of the app and services.

"A Major Addition to Our SEO Ranking Journey"

We've been using this tool for some time and feel that it has been a major addition to our SEO ranking journey. It's easy to use and provides accurate insights quickly. It's helped us with SEO, competition auditing, technical auditing, LP analysis, and more. We think it's an amazing tool to upgrade any website.

"The Benefits of Using DeepCrawl for Technical SEO Audits"

DeepCrawl offers many great features that make it an invaluable tool for any SEO team. It includes features to help with international SEO, such as identifying pages that are missing hreflang tags, which can help improve search engine optimization efforts.

"Too Much Data? Learn How to Control Your Crawls with Crawlytics"

Crawlytics provides a wealth of data, which can be both a blessing and a curse. If the crawl settings aren’t dialed in, it can be difficult to derive insights without training. But with the help of the managed services team, you can learn how to control your crawls and make the most of the platform.

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