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An irreversible truth of marketing โ€“ online and offline โ€“ is that customers tend to value and trust third party opinions and recommendations much higher than the company talking about themselves. If you have ever seen someone in a social gathering endlessly talking about their accomplishments and you cringed, imagine how better it would have been if it were your common social circle that spoke highly of him instead. Much more convincing, no?

This is what outreach marketing aims to do, pretty much. They allow you to reach out to bloggers and influencers on your given niche and industry and convince them to review, promote and advertise your product or service. It goes well beyond the typical campaign model and tries to build mutually beneficial relationships with people โ€“ keyword is mutual. Naturally, these influencers should get something back in return, whether that is free samples of your product or shoutouts on social media.

If all this has grabbed your interest, make sure you check out our list of best tools for hassle-free influencer outreach. Inside you’ll find all the nuts and bolts of the game to make influencer outreach completely hassle-free, as easy and breezy as possible.


Grapevine helps marketers run end-to-end influencer marketing programs.

The fastest way to find targeted leads with real emails and social profiles

Simultaneously prospect from more than 80 sources.


Influencer Marketing Platform For Branded Content

Find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships, and measure the value of your content.

Streamline your marketing and PR, finding you quick and relevant contacts within a chosen niche.


A simple solution for cold emails


Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing Platform


Research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach thatโ€™s personalized and efficient.