Screamingfrog Honest Reviews Curated 2023

"Screaming Frog: The Ultimate SEO Crawling Tool for Comprehensive Analysis"

Screaming Frog provides thorough and accurate data, making it a valuable asset for any SEO strategy. Its ability to crawl large websites and quickly identify technical issues saves countless hours of manual work. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for novice users to understand and utilize all of its features.

"Screaming Frog - The Comprehensive and Efficient SEO Solution"

I love the user-friendly interface and the amount of valuable insights it provides into my website's technical aspects. The software is comprehensive and helps me identify issues such as broken links and crawl errors quickly and efficiently. I was facing difficulty in efficiently auditing my website for technical SEO issues. With Screaming Frog, I can now identify and resolve these issues in a matter of minutes, saving my time and efforts compared to manual checks.

"Screaming Frog SEO Spider Review: A Comprehensive Analysis Tool for Your Website"

With the latest update, it's easy to see issues and potential problems on your site, making it easy to fix and track progress.

It's simple to find all the information you need about your URLs, including status codes, inlinks, content, SEO tags, images, pagination, and canonicals.

The tool even includes a summary of issues for quick reference, making it a must-have for SEO.
The tool can take a long time to extract information from larger sites with many URLs, but this is standard for any tool of this type.

"Screaming Frog - A Must-Have Tool for SEO Audits"

Screaming Frog is an industry standard tool that offers an easy-to-use interface and an affordable price. This makes it accessible to both small and large SEO teams.

It provides a coherent and in-depth audit of any domain, allowing content and tech teams to quickly flag issues for fixing. It also enables users to spot check errors quickly and easily.
While the interface is easy to interact with, it can feel a little techy at times.

Overall, Screaming Frog is a must-have tool for any SEO toolbox, offering an affordable and comprehensive solution for conducting thorough audits.

"Limitations of Website Crawling Software for SEO Audits"

There are also limitations to website crawling software that should be taken into account. One major issue is the amount of time it takes for the spider or crawler to capture data for all the pages on your website.

"Quick and Easy Access to Information"

Finding the information you need about URLs is simple and straightforward. You can quickly scan a website to see all of its pages and quickly access the data you need.

"Outdated Design and User Interface"

Design is very outdated, doesn't have a fresh dashboard and it's not so self-explanatory, besides it often needs updates. But overall it does the job.

"What Makes Screaming Frog The Best Website Audit Tool?"

Screaming Frog is the best website audit tool for digital marketing due to its easy-to-use interface, ability to run offline, and free version that can audit up to 1000 pages. It is great for auditing websites deeply and tracking and analyzing keywords. 
The free version of Screaming Frog can only audit up to 1000 pages, which can be a problem for bigger websites. To audit more pages, users need to upgrade to the premium version, which can be expensive.

"Improving Website Quality and Crawl Bandwidth"

After every Sprint release, I use Screaming Frog to see and compare my website from the previous release. This includes Response Code Errors, Technical Glitches, Content Improvements like Title, Meta Description and H1.

It gives us data that we could use and analyze to improve our site on a daily basis. It makes my work a lot easier just by hitting the site for crawl and thereafter getting all the reports.

The API feature where you can connect GA and GSC and also the custom feature where you can extract any kind of information from your website pages which manually would take hours even days (if the site is big which is my case) but with Screaming Frog it is just a matter of 30-45 minutes.

My website architecture, duplicate content issues, and canonicalization has improved and I have been able to clean my internal and external links as well which are either having 4xx, 3xx or 5xx issues at times. This helps in improving my website quality and improves crawl bandwidth as well.

"Need for Better On-Page Keyword Audit Tools"

It would be really handy to have better on-page keyword audit tools. Currently, the software provides a nice cloud of keywords it picks up from across the entire website. But I would like to have the on-page keyword data, to review at the granular level.

"Powerful Solution to Crawl Websites"

Screaming Frog is really helping hand when you need an in-depth crawl to check page health for your website. It will take just a few minutes to crawl the site and give you everything that you need to fix the site.

Features to filter the audit report and ease to navigate every single option that is really amazing.
When i use a free tool, it has lots of restrictions and limitations with the pages.

"Easy to Use and Comprehensive Overview"

Screaming Frog is one of the most effective tools for website audits. It's quick, reliable, and user-friendly. Our Digital Marketing team uses it on regular basis. It helps us evaluate our content, technical website errors and organize the details so that we can make data-driven decisions without having to do a manually. It displays the majority of the essential data that an SEO could require. 

"High Upfront Cost with Unknown Results"

Unfortunately, many SEO companies require a large upfront payment without offering any guarantees. This means that businesses may end up paying a hefty sum without knowing exactly what results they will get from the services.
We had a hypothesis within our SEO team that internal linking done on a website could impact the overall SEO and directly correlate to organic traffic. We crawled one of our client's websites with the help of Screaming Frog crawler and fixed the internal links giving more contextual links to important pages.

In the Google Algo update of Dec 2021, the website almost doubled its traffic. The Screaming Frog crawler is equivalent to a Google bot and can crawl all the pages of your website even if they are not present in a sitemap. There are multiple crawling options wherein you can get your websites for a handful of pages by submitting sitemap or a list of URLs.

The crawler can then help you with a list of URLs having the most and the least number of internal links along with a number of technical errors to fix on your website. We use Screaming Frog for our clients to improve internal link structure, solve website errors, and for log analysis.

"Screaming Frog: Complex Menus Can Lead to Inaccurate Results"

Although Screaming Frog is a powerful tool, it can be challenging to navigate at first. With its complex menu options, inaccurate results can be a common issue. It is crucial to delve into the step-by-step menu of the dashboard to achieve the desired result of your task accurately. However, with a little practice and patience, you can overcome this minor inconvenience.
Unfortunately, the free version of the software lacks some important features such as page speed insights and console integration. This can limit its usefulness for those who want a more comprehensive SEO tool.

However, the software is still a great option for identifying broken links and improving your website's overall health.
Discover and fix broken links and duplicate pages with ease using this powerful link checker software. It's perfect for digital marketers and website owners who want to improve their SEO and provide a better user experience to their visitors.

The software is easy to use and offers valuable insights that can help you make your website better.

"Screaming Frog - The Best and Most Granular SEO Crawler"

Screaming Frog offers unmatched granularity. You are able to see every URL in the crawl in great detail. They have added some nice features over the years as well, like structured date validation. It's a near-perfect tool for your SEO toolbelt! And a necessary one.
Screaming Frog is not the easiest software for a new user to jump into. It does require SEO knowledge (which is what makes it so good!). But, luckily, there is lots of good documentation.

"Uncover Anything with ScreamingFrog: Advanced Features, Data Accuracy, and Time-Saving Possibilities"

ScreamingFrog is a must-have for any SEO looking to perform an in-depth on-page analysis. The tool's advanced features, accurate data, and ability to search for anything in your code are unmatched.

With ScreamingFrog, you can easily identify broken links, redirects, and images, saving you time and hassle. Additionally, the tool allows you to save projects and revisit them later, streamlining your work process.

"Screaming Frog - The Unbeatable Crawler for Technical SEO Audits"

Screaming Frog is a meticulously designed tool that can help you with an on-page SEO technical audit. With various crawl options available, it can crawl every page of your website, and the suggestions provided by the crawler are very handy. By solving the errors listed by their crawler, we were able to achieve almost 12-15% SEO traffic growth in a couple of months.
However, the tool requires very high storage to run, crawl, and save data, which can be a problem for some users. They should consider selling cloud-based services to cater to this issue.

"Fast and Informative Software"

The software is fast and provides a great deal of information. It can be a great tool to help make improvements to customer websites. 

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