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This list includes the most powerful SEO Site Audit Tools that make technical SEO easier.

Lots of people mistakenly believe they should approach their online presence, be it on a blog or a website, less meticulously than they would approach an offline business. While it is true that going online saves you quite a bit of trouble you still do run a business. Whether it is currently small or large, profitable or not, matters little.

This is where site audits become essential for your success. They consist of a systematic examination of your website, that results in an identification of its ongoing issues that require fixing and identification of all the open, optimization opportunities you can capitalize on.

Given enough time and experience, one might be able to pinpoint errors just by glancing at a website.

Until you reach that level of mastery, however, you should utilize the software that’s readily available for you to try. In our list, we have compiled the best audit tools on the market to make your life tracking and optimizing your websites much, much easier. What gets measured CAN be fixed – and improved.

Screaming Frog tool introduction

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

The SEO Spider is a desktop program you can install locally on a PC, Mac, or Linux which crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, scripts and apps to evaluate onsite SEO.

SEOmator homepage


In-depth SEO Analysis and SEO Audit Automation Tool for website optimization professionals and agencies

Sitebulb homepage


Website crawler and SEO auditor for Windows and Mac.

ContentKing homepage


Real-time SEO Auditing & Content Tracking

Deepcrawl homepage (Formerly Deepcrawl)

DeepCrawl, now is the world’s most comprehensive website crawler. Analyze your website architecture to understand and monitor technical issues to improve SEO performance.

Website Auditor homepage

Website Auditor

The techie’s SEO spider: find site issues other tools miss homepage

Web Crawler and Log Analyzer for Enterprise SEO Audits and Daily Monitoring

Data Provider homepage

Data Provider

Analyze your website on technical, SEO content and popularity aspects.

Raventools introduction


SEO Analysis & Online Marketing Platform

Visual SEO Studio introduction

Visual SEO Studio

Technical SEO Auditing, at a glance.

Mondovo homepage


All the SEO & Social Media Tools you need in one place

Webceo homepage


A Powerful Internet Marketing Platform for SEO/SMM jobs and Branded Reports.

Botify homepage


Botify gathers SEO data from across the entire ranking process of your pages including Crawlability, Indexing, Content Quality, User Behavior, and Organic Visits and delivers deep insights to help you improve the impact of your SEO efforts.

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