Serpstat Honest Reviews Curated 2023

"Serpstat - An All-in-One SEO Tool"

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers rank tracking, site audit and other analysis options. It offers numerous features at a lower price compared to other SEO tools.

Their support team is also very active and provides assistance whenever necessary. This makes it a must-have SEO tool for businesses, as it offers all SEO solutions in one place. SEO has been made easy with SERPSTAT.

"Amazing Benefits of Search Marketing Suite!"

Search marketing suites offer an incredible range of benefits that can help you understand the performance of your website and your competitors' sites in paid and organic search.

Love the ability to group search terms together according to common words within those terms, and really rate the filtering available in their keyword reporting. And with a lifetime deal, you'll get access to all the new features over time! Amazing value search marketing suite!
Although search marketing suites offer incredible benefits, there are some potential drawbacks. For example, if you have a lifetime deal, you may not get immediate access to all of the new features.

However, given the amazing value of the base offering, it's hard to complain too much!

"SERPstat: A Limited Database"

Although SERPstat is an affordable SEO tool, it has a relatively small database compared to competitors like SEMrush. This can lead to discrepancies like a solid drop in visibility in Serpstat while google analytics shows an big increase in organic traffic.

Additionally, SERPstat does not currently offer a way to integrate it with Analytics and Search Console which could help it show more accurate and detailed information.

"Outstanding Solution with SERPSTAT"

The all-encompassing SERPSTAT SEO tool is much easier to use and manage than most other tools out there, and it's also more affordable. The support team is second to none, providing incredibly detailed solutions to address our needs.

We are using SERPSTAT to create thorough campaigns for both SEO and SEM, and it's also helping us stay ahead of our competitors. There's nothing to dislike about SERPSTAT.

"10/10 is the Best Service for Internet Marketers"

Internet marketers have a lot to gain from 10/10. With exceptional functionality, top-notch customer service, and a unique approach to each client, this service is a must-have.

The team is very professional and knowledgeable, and any questions you have can be answered quickly and accurately by your manager. 10/10 is the perfect service for anyone looking to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Internet marketers have a lot to gain from 10/10. With exceptional functionality, top-notch customer service, and a unique approach to each client, this service is a must-have.

The team is very professional and knowledgeable, and any questions you have can be answered quickly and accurately by your manager. 10/10 is the perfect service for anyone looking to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

"Amazing SEO Tracking Capabilities for Clients"

SEO tracking for clients is an invaluable asset for evidence-based consultations, helping them understand what is happening, what needs to be fixed, and how their current SEO guy is performing.

Serp software can provide amazing feedback on website health, keyword growth, and tracking for your business. It's easy to set up the system and get a feel for the tools and capabilities.
While getting started with Serp software can be daunting, once you get a feel for the tools and capabilities, the system is easy to use. However, it can be overwhelming to set up initially if you are not used to using Serp software.

"Potential Areas for Improvement"

While Serpstat is great for everyday SEO tasks, there are potential areas for improvement in the UX design. However, it still functions exactly for what is needed and could be a great option for any freelancer.

"SERPstat: A Solid Ukrainian Alternative to Expensive SEO & PPC Tools"

I love the fact that the team is always helping the product evolve and listens to client feedback and requests. I have been using SERPstat for years and I love seeing how much the tool has evolved. I personally really like the tool. No. Seriously. I like it. A lot.

Whenever I think: hmmm, this could be improved...The team fixes it without me having to flag it. That's a really nice thing. The price point is great. Cheaper product often means cheaper support...

That's NOT the case here. I have been using this tool for years. Bought it on a whim and decided after a few months to upgrade and ask for a multi-year deal. I am so glad I did!

"Serpstat is the Perfect Solution for SEO"

Serpstat has all toolkits you might need just in one place, making it a perfect solution for both experienced and beginners in SEO. The interface is easy to use, and the Rank Tracker and Site Audit tools are especially great.

Serpstat often releases new updates and tools, and their team responds quickly to messages and helps quickly. Serpstat also saves a lot of time by automating tasks that normally would have to be done manually.

"Serpstat Offers an Enjoyable Experience"

Serpstat has been a pleasant tool to use. The support team has been really helpful and I have been able to gain valuable and fast data. My job requires a lot of research and I appreciate having multiple points of view on certain problems, especially the performance point of view that Serpstat offers which helps me a lot.

"Exporting to Excel Could Be More User-Friendly"

Despite the numerous benefits that Serpstat offers, exporting to Excel could be more user-friendly.

"Serpstat - Money Worth Tool for SEO Review"

Serpstat shares data about SEO Optimizing and competitors' stats similar to other tools such as ahrefs and semrush. The better thing is that the cost is so competitive and it gives better insights when the uses are so specific about Keyword research, Site Audit, Domain Analysis and Backlinks details.

It solves problems related to finding competitors, their organic growth, their paid competitors and more about spending. In another research, it also helps in understanding what are the top competitor's website pages with respect to keywords and traffic.
The stats should be more descriptive and in detail, as currently, they are generic. Paid Analysis does not show up when I found better data on other competitors.

If you are looking for an all in SEO review tool the Serpstat is a good option but you can also find better feature options at some higher cost.

"All-in-One Digital Marketing Service Tool for Business"

Serpstat has important features like backlinking which can help to increase backlinking of our business website and improve website traffic easily. It is based on AI technologies and we can generate complete analysis reports for our business website and check competitor websites as well.

It gives best SEO suggestions, on which sector we need to focus more to improve keywords ranking, and helps to create multiple website audit reports in a professional way. Serpstat SEO tool is highly designed to boost our business products and generate revenue.

"Solid All-in-One SEO Tool with Outstanding Keyword Research"

Serpstat is a great tool for organic keyword research, with powerful filter options, related keywords, keyword suggestions, and more. Their API access is outstanding for all pricing plans, and the quality of their database stays very high.

Credits are calculated generously, so you won't run out - and their customer service is fast and helpful. Plus, their pricing is a fraction compared to similar tools.
Serpstat's PPC keyword tracking functionality is quite basic, and the backlink tool does not have a page-level authority value, only domain-level.

Additionally, the keyword traffic estimates seem too high. They have told us they are working on a new PPC keyword tracking functionality, but it is not yet available.

"Amazing All-In-One SEO Tool Delivers Superfast Keyword Research and Technical Auditing"

The keyword research functionality is super fast and you get a ton of keywords. The questions feature is also great to see what people are asking about those keywords.

The technical audit helps me to quickly identify any issues with my website. I bought the lifetime deal, and I have access to the English database. Technical SEO audit, keyword research and analysis of the high-ranking pages for specific terms are also included.

"Straightforward and Affordable SEO Platform"

Serpstat is a great product for those needing something that isn't priced around huge enterprise clients but still packs a punch with its tools and functionality.

It gives me the visibility I need to monitor keywords as well as necessary site auditing monitoring. The campaign setup was simple and easy to perform.
Logging into the platform has been an issue for me. Browser doesn't save password.

"Serpstat Can Have Slower Query Search Times"

Haven't discover major CONS yet. Sometimes query search is on a slower side, but not a deal breaker. Ask for individual demo.

"SEO Platform - The Pros "

The SEO platform provides a wide range of features and functions, new features are constantly being released and there is detailed statistics available.

It is also possible to integrate with other systems and services, and the customer support service is highly praised, always providing detailed help to solve problems.

"Serpstat is an Awesome Tool that Boosts Your Website to the Top!"

Serpstat is an amazing tool that provides users with lots of insights about their website and great ideas for optimization. After just a few minutes of using it, I fell in love with the tool. The prices may not be cheap, but it is definitely worth it.

Through Serpstat, I was able to figure out which search terms my potential customers use to find my website in comparison to competitors. With the help of this tool, I was able to optimize my website content and boost it to the top five positions on Google search. Serpstat is definitely a great booster for getting your website to the top of Google rankings.

"Serpstat lacks Content Analysis Features"

The tool lacks content analysis features.

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