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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation or marketing automation is the use of software to carry out marketing actions in an automated way. Thanks to this, a company can carry out processes that would naturally be difficult and achieve more efficiency and results and greater control and monitoring over them. Learn more about what...

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A/B Testing Definition : What is A/B Testing?

The A/B Test consists of developing and launching two versions of the same element and measuring which one works better. It is a test that helps us to optimize an email marketing strategy or improve the effectiveness of a landing page . If you have detected that your page is...

SEO Tools

CTR Definition : What is the CTR?

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of clicks that a link obtains with respect to its number of impressions. It is always calculated as a percentage, and it is a metric that is normally used to measure the impact that a digital campaign has had. How to Calculate...

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