A/B Testing Definition : What is A/B Testing?

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The A/B Test consists of developing and launching two versions of the same element and measuring which one works better. It is a test that helps us to optimize an email marketing strategy or improve the effectiveness of a landing page .

If you have detected that your page is going through a bad time, it is time to apply actions to improve your opening rate and click-throughs

How Does the A/B Test Work?

This method consists of developing two versions of the same element that we are going to launch to the market (for example, a blue and a yellow CTA button), and then using the metrics of each variation to evaluate which one works better.

Contrary to what it may seem, making many variations does not have to produce negative impacts; they are incremental changes that will keep your users connected and closer to the last link of the purchase cycle.

To use the A/B Test well, we must focus our attention on those elements that influence the opening rate of an email and the clicks that the user makes on a landing page. These are some of those elements that we can test in an A/B Test:

  • The words, colors, sizes, and placement of your CTAs.
  • The headlines and bodies of your product descriptions.
  • The extension of a form and types of fields.
  • The layout or visual structure of your website.
  • The mode of presentation of the price of your products and promotional offers.
  • The images (location, purpose, content, and quantity) of the landings and pages of your product.
  • Amount of text on a web page or in a blog post.

Apply it! You'll notice curious behavioral trends in A/B testing that can help you spot improvements more efficiently than, say, market research. In the end, it is still a quantitative approach that can measure the behavior patterns of our visitors and provide the necessary insights to develop solutions.

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